About அப்பா.com

The word 'அப்பா' means 'father' in the Tamil language, I am Anandkumar Regupathy, building this digital R&D temple in memory of my father with vision is to solve problems for people and society using technologies and operational excellence. 

Priority List of problems, I identified and solving

Creating Diversity

The human brain makes decisions based on what it has seen and heard. In today's digital era, many of us rely on networking platforms to achieve our goals. However, due to high operational and executive costs, social media companies use various strategies to retain users. These include continuously feeding us content that our brains find appealing, potentially leading to long-term distraction. Additionally, paid content often submerges the visibility of organic talent and small businesses.

To address this problem, Amogam.com was formed. This business model challenges the traditional advertising-based model by introducing a pay-only-per-sale system. It empowers people to decide what they want to see, what they need to buy, and where to make their purchases.

Public Health

The medical industry, with its overcrowded hospitals and focus on profit, often seems at odds with improving public health. If people were healthier, hospitals would be less overwhelmed and could potentially be managed more effectively by the government. The current situation, where individuals visit hospitals frequently, contributes to the healthcare industry's high profitability.

In the USA, the emphasis on insurance coverage within hospitals raises questions about priorities. Ideally, medical care should center on patient wellbeing, not just financial transactions. Additionally, the prevalence of health challenges is concerning - families with special needs children, individuals losing loved ones to diseases like cancer... these highlight the need to transform the medical industry to prioritize prevention over treatment. This project envisions a healthcare system where people understand their bodies, take proactive steps to preserve their health, and reduce dependency on hospital visits.

Currently, identifying early signs of health problems involves a slow process: booking appointments, waiting for significant deterioration, and navigating insurance red tape. Then come consultations, lab tests, and further delays in understanding the results. This system needs change. My goal is to disrupt this cycle with a prototype that streamlines the healthcare experience. By potentially replacing some aspects of doctor consultations with AI or online support, along with automating lab work through advanced biotechnology, I hope to shift the focus towards prevention and proactive health management. This transformation could empower medical professionals to dedicate their skills towards finding cures and addressing the root causes of disease.

World best centralized Education system

If advertising companies can target children on the other side of the world with personalized ads, why can't we use similar technology to provide a consistent, high-quality education standard globally?

Reduce energy cost by finding alternative source of energy based on environmental feasibilities.

I believe it's unnecessary to wait for decades for organic waste to decompose and be converted into fossil fuel, relying on oil refineries and import agents for our daily needs. Instead, let's envision generating energy from our everyday organic waste and other sources. By reducing fuel costs, we can naturally decrease commodity prices and transportation expenses. This would have a significant positive impact on the environment and people's lifestyles.


Transform your sweat into health, community impact, and a cleaner planet with OrganicClub!

The goal of OrganicClub is to transform the energy expended on burning fat into multiple benefits. These include improving personal health, burning fat naturally in the fresh air, and supporting others—whether it be by meeting labor demands or participating in environmental clean-up efforts. Is it really necessary to go to a gym and spend money to get in shape? In the 1960s and 1970s, people didn't rely on gyms to achieve a toned or muscular physique. They naturally maintained their desired bodies through farm work and labor-intensive industries. You will be doing the same @Organicgym.club, get read to be transformed. 

HandOver Delivery drone

Heavy lifing contra rotating propeller technology.

Target load 30 to 40 KG payload.

Note : Project is going on slow phase due to lack of funding and ousourced model of execution.